What are Natural Numbers

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Natural numbers, with the exception of 0, are all whole numbers. We commonly employ these numbers in our speech and daily activities. Numbers are utilized wherever we look to count objects, represent or exchange money, measure temperature, indicate time, and so on. These numbers are known as “natural numbers” since they are used to count items. For example, when counting objects, we might say 5 glasses, 6 books, 1 bottle, and so on. The following picture will help us in understanding what are natural numbers.


Types of Natural Numbers

There are two types of natural numbers.-

  1. Odd Natural Numbers
    Such types of numbers are natural numbers that are odd and belong to the set N. As a result, the collection of odd natural numbers consists of 1, 3, 5, 7, and so on.
  2. Even Natural Numbers
    These numbers are perfectly divisible by 2 and belong to the set N. So the set of even natural numbers is 2,4,6,8,…

FAQ: Natural Numbers

Q1: Is Zero a Natural Number?

Ans: Zero is not a natural number. It’s a whole number.

Q2: Why 23 is not a Natural Number?

Ans: 23 is a fraction as such it is not a Natural Number.

Q3: Whether -1 is a Natural Number?

Ans: Natural numbers are all positive numbers, therefore -1 is not a natural number.

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